Truckee Meadows Firefighter Foundation

For our family, our community.

The Truckee Meadows Firefighter Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization formed to promote a greater quality of life by assisting the community, its members, and their families during times of serious illness, injury, or loss through financial and humanitarian aid.

“Every so often, in the midst of chaos, you come across an amazing, inexplicable instance of civic responsibility. Maybe the last shred of faith people have is in their firemen.”
- Kurt Vonnegut 

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All of our funds directly support other causes in our community.

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Donate by shopping on Amazon

The folks over at Chive put together this video to help explain how to set up your Amazon account to donate back to the charity of your choice. Just follow the steps in the video and replace Chive with Truckee Meadows Firefighter Foundation, then add the smiles link to the bookmarks on your web browser. The next time you're flat-backing in the day room shopping for something you don't really need, you can be raising money for the foundation at the same time 

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