Meet Our Board


James Brumfield

A wildland firefighter since 2008, Brumfield joined TMFPD in 2018. He and his wife are raising two kids in Verdi, Nevada. 

Vice President

Alex Doerr

A top-notch paramedic who served the region as a medic for 15 years, Doerr began is time at TMFPD in 2013. He and his wife are raising their three sons in Spanish Springs.


Dillon Lowe

Born and raised in Reno, Lowe is a devoted son and community member. He began his career as a wildland firefighter before making his way onto TMFPD in 2016.

Board Member

Ross Rytting

Rytting has been with TMFPD since 1984, starting as an Auxiliary Firefighter and Retiring as a Training/Safety/Suppression Captain in 2016. He offers a true commitment to "the phone is always on" for those in need.


Maureen O'Brien

The heart and soul of TMFPD, Maureen is the glue that holds our community together. She recently "retired" and we are so fortunate she still is devoted to our cause.